Will There Be Snow for Vancouver?

As Americans watch the Northeast get buried under record snowfall, Canadians must be wondering, “Why not Vancouver?”  With the Olympic games just days away and athletes already arriving for practice sessions, officials are scrambling to make Vancouver’s Cypress Mountain suitable for use.  Whistler’s slopes have plenty of snow and will pose no problem, but Cypress Mountain has had above freezing temperatures and little snow over the past few weeks. They’re not too worried about the alpine events, they’re being held at a higher elevation where there’s always more snow.  The big problem is with the aerial and mogul fields.

So what are they doing?

In addition to standard snow-making machines, two methods really stand out.  First, they are burying corrugated pipes beneath what snow they have.  The pipes are filled with dry ice, freezing the snow from the inside out.  This gets rid of extra moisture, making the nice powdery snow that everyone preferrs.

 Next, officials plan to have over 5,000 cubic meters of snow flown in from the B.C. interior via helicopter.  The snow is being dumped on the fields Feb. 8th,  just in time for practice and the first events on the 13th.

Who would have thought Washington, D.C. would have more snow than Vancouver in February?

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2 Responses to “Will There Be Snow for Vancouver?”
  1. lynne says:

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  2. Jill Manty says:

    Ah ha, Lynne. So, it’s all your fault that there’s a snow catastrophe waiting to happen. I guess it’s Snowmageddon of a completely different sort.